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Kerala psc staff nurse exam date 2014


KERALA PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION Staff nurse exam date announced 

Category No : 068/2013
Gazette Date : 30/04/2013 
Scale of Pay :13900-24040
Number of nursing vacancies all over Kerala  - 275
Date - 05-04-2014 (Saturday) 

TIME OF NURSING EXAM - (02:00 PM - 03:15 PM)
Exam type - Objective type test (OMR valuation)
Maximum marks - 100
DURATION of exam - one hour and 15 minutes 
Medium of questions - English
NEW Syllabus (topic) of PSC staff nurse exam 
PART I - General Knowledge, Current Affairs and Renaissance in Kerala. 
PART II  - Chemistry.  - Botany.  - Zoology. 
PART III - Questions based on General Nursing

more details and admit card ( hall ticket ) login using your ID Official Kerala PSC website

1. The most common site of peptic ulcer in stomach ?
     a. Pylorus                                   b. Fundus
     c. Body of stomach                     d. Cardia  

2. Florence Nightingale was born on 
     a. 12 May 1820                         b. 12 March 1820
     c. 10 May 1820                          d. 10 March  1820 

3. The goal of nursing care of client with acute myeloid leukemia is to prevent ........
    a. Hemorrhage                            b.cardiac arrhythmia 
    c. liver failure                               d.Respiratory arrest 

4.First foetal movement felt by mother is ............?
   a. Quickening                               b. Lightening 
   c.  Stepping                                  d. Embryonic movement 

5.  An inability to distinguish between real memories and dreams or fantasies  is called........?
    a. Paramnesia                                b. Amnesia 
    c.  Dejavu                                      d. Hyper amnesia 

6. 55% of commercially produced oxygen is used for ............?
     a. Smelting of iron ore into steal                                  b. Hospitals
     c.  Old age homes & Nursing homes                          d. Submarines  

7. Who is the present  health minister of Kerala ?
   a. V S Sivakumar                               b. V S Sunil kumar 
   c.  V S Achuthanandan                       d.  Kc Venugopal 

8. most abundant element in earth's crust is ...........?
   a. Oxygen                                      b. Hydrogen 
   c. Nitrogen                                      d. Carbon

9.  Mullaperiyar dam construction begin in which year ?
   a. 1887                                        b. 1888
   c. 1987                                        d. 1908

10.The founder and publisher of the news paper Swadeshibhimani?
   a.Vakkom Moulavi                        b.Ramakrishnapilla
   c.Abdul khadar                             c.Varghese

11.Science city of india ....?
   a.kolkata                                       b. Pune
   c.Delhi                                          d.Mumbai
12 . who is the first women president of Indian national congress?
   a. Annie Besant                            b. Sarojini Naidu 
   c. Sonia Gandhi                            d. Indira Gandhi  

13. Anti dote for Benzodiazepine is .............?
    a. Flumazenil                                      b. EDTA
    c. 100% oxygen                                d. Fomepizole 

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